1. Sun Showers


I was 16 the first time her lips touched mine
And I thought to myself never in my life will there be a better time
Then she took my hands and took me downstairs to her room
Butterflies in my and they she said oh boy I'm ready for you
I tried to be cool and steady with me knees and hands and my heart shaking
I was ready for anything ready for anything everything and anything
Paused for a moment and I had to stop and wipe my palms on my jeans
Was it real or just a dream the Summer I said yes to Kaylee

There we were hand and hand at the Brockton fair
and I knew that I was invincible sitting on the hill with my hands in her long blonde hair
Fireworks blasted and blazed everywhere over our heads
And I couldn't believe she turned and looked at me and this is what she said
I love you I didn't know what to do so I said i to
I was blind deaf and dumb to anyone who would've told me it wasn't true
Do you know what I mean sometimes it real sometimes a dream
That crazy Summer I said Hell Ya to Kaylee

Started to get colder I never realized she was 4 years older than me
Just like that she was different started talking bout the need to be free
Like a ton of led it hit she no longer wanted me
I looked into her eyes for answers she just looked away so i screamed
What did I do what did I say
She just shook her head
She said you just don't get it don't make me regret it all of the good times we had
Then my soul poured all over the rain soaked driveway and then washed away
There was nothing I could do or say to make her love me on that day
Is nothing real in this life I just witnessed the death of a young boys dream
I'll never forget you
That crazy Summer I said yes to Kaylee