Our Story

Shawn Johnson's is an American singer songwriter who has graced Arizona stages since 1996.
His high energy, soul filled, acoustic rock sound will draw you in and leave you wanting more.  
Shawn picked up a guitar and wrote his first song at age 20 on a rooftop on Cape.
After moving to AZ he cut his teeth on Mill Ave's Beeloe's music scene.
Since then he's played McDowell Music Festival, Apache Lake Music Festival, The Marquee, Crescent Ballroom, and numerous other music venues.  
Having returned from his 2015 Summer tour Shawn is heading back into the studio to record his 3rd solo CD due to release Christmas 2015.  "You know the story..." 

Musical influences: Richie Havens, Ani Difranco, Barenaked Ladies, Blues Traveler, Ben Harper, Dave Matthews, Counting Crows, 

Songs For Scenes 2010
​IV 2008 
Dangling Live 2005
Strength 2002 
Heart Strong 1999
Ego vs Soul 1998